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Last Drop Oil Extraction Systems
After a standard oil extraction more than 1qt of dirty engine oil remains in a Yamaha engine. Co-developed with 'Wes-Tec Performance' our "Last Drop" Oil Extraction System enables removal of 99% of dirty oil. Made from sturdy stainless steel and aluminum our kit installs quickly & easily and is compatible with most popular oil extraction pumps. Includes installation instructions. Available for new Yamaha 1.8L engine as well as legacy MR-1 engine.

Key Feature Include:

  • Allows removal of 99% of dirty oil during servicing.
  • Cleaner oil delivers better lubricity & engine life.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Sturdy stainless steel & aluminum construction.
  • Compatible with most popular engine oil extractor pumps.
RY10030-OES: All MR-1 engine models.
RY10040-OES: 2012 & Newer 1.8L engine models (SVHO / SHO / HO).
  FZR models starting with engine #6AN1013200.
  VXR/VXS models starting with engine #6CN1005800.

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RY10030-OES OIL EXTRACT SYS; YAM MR-1 $ 159.95 Please Call 1-800-241-4544
RY10040-OES OIL EXTRACT SYS; YAM 1.8L $ 159.95 Please Call 1-800-241-4544
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